A certified psychic medium, elite tarot reader, and teacher of the metaphysical realm....

A psychic medium, tarot lover, and forever in love with kindness, compassion and spirituality....

1:1 Mentoring

Reach new heights with your gifts and abilities through 1:1 mentoring

2 x 90-Minute Sessions | $333

For those looking for more hands-on, personal guidance in exploration of their psychic and/or mediumship gifts and abilities as they learn to let their light shine, or for those just dipping their toes into the woo world and not sure of how to move forward.

Perfect for the newly Awakened, or those looking to supplement existing development to help take a giant leap to the next level!

In this three-month program, you will:

- Meet twice a month for 90 minutes each time; each month we will establish new goals and next steps to move you forward learning to tap into and use the gifts and abilities you were born with

- Access to me for questions or concerns as they arise (during regular business hours. Response times will vary)

- Participate in exercises and assignments tailored personally to you to help you continue your path of learning and growth

- Receive free meditations for each step of your journey in the program

- Receive a free, 15-min spiritual assessment to begin your program, and a free, 15 min psychic reading on next steps for you to consider to end your program

- All access to a supportive, caring, compassionate and encouraging mentor that is here for your greatest and highest good

Want to know more?

Please email me with any questions or concerns at shawna@shawnamaleski.com. If you feel you were called to work with me please email me and put 'mentor' in your subject line and I'll put you on the waitlist for the next round of students, expected September 2021.  Book your spot now before it fills up! 

Every potential client will start with a discovery call to ensure we are a good fit and this is the right program for you!