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Welcome. I'm Shawna Maleski

Known around the world as The Prairie Psychic Medium, I'm a gifted spiritual communicator and counsellor who takes joy in the ability to read and connect with ethereal spirit, earthbound spirit, and both the living and the angelic realm. I have been called to do readings for clients worldwide, uniting loved ones with their nearest and dearest who have departed. I provide peace, healing, and closure with blessed grace to those seeking connection.

Looking back, I’ve been a psychic medium for as long as I can remember; however, I didn’t know it.  I've always connected strongly to God, the spirit world, the divine source, and the universe. Even at a young age, I experienced intuitive guidance and psychic messages (often without even realizing it). 

I’ve been highly sensitive all of my life. I could feel other people’s energy and knew their thoughts and feelings, but I couldn't explain it. Despite this connection, I still lived a life of stress, fear and worry. I was living my life on autopilot and just going through the motions. I had a mountain of stress that would have broken most people. I was genuinely miserable. Then disaster hit, and I had my awakening. I was diagnosed with cancer. In a moment of sheer clarity, I turned to my inner source of loving grace and surrendered to a higher power within me. Together, we began to co-create a new life. I developed a partnership with Source and my divine spirit team. I committed to developing my spiritual gifts and abilities, and everything shifted. I now can tap into the unseen forces of other realms and tune into the whispers of the universe, which has forever changed my life. This has empowered me to lean into my calling, helping heal and comfort, providing peace and spiritual guidance to others. Although my personality is shy and reserved, I accept that my soul's purpose is to share these gifts with the world.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, I spend time between my Vancouver Island home and Manitoba with my cherished family.

If you have a special request please contact me.