by Shawna

January 24, 2021

The Potential Within Your Genes

By Matthew Ashdown

Example of Gene Key Map

Our western worldview and scientific minds would have us believe that we are in a random world of chance and that there is no real purpose to our existence. A more ancient idea comes from philosophies of the east and indigenous cultures, proposing ways of living in harmony with nature in such way that we recognize our innate oneness with it. You are not here by chance and you can live a fulfilled life when you are in tune with who you truly are.

The Gene Keys is a system based upon the ancient I Ching, modern science, and astrology, retold in a way that resonates with the world we are in today. A chart is generated from your birthdate, one that offers you guideposts of contemplation for your life. It is not a chart that foretells what is coming in your future, or that guarantees that anything you do will succeed, but it speaks to the potentials that lie within you, should you decide to do the inner work.

It is a journey of the return to our innocence, our awakened self, the one who lives in harmony with all of life. It is your personal pathway to awakening and will help you see why other paths you have chosen maybe didn’t appear to work for you.

Having worked with hundreds of people over the last 3 years I can say with confidence that it is a truly accurate map for our personal journey. Those who take the plunge into it have found that through quiet contemplation in moments of pause in their day they have been able to reconnect with who they really are, beyond the conditioned mind fed by the world.

Our Purpose is not something outside of us that we postpone and procrastinate on. It is something that resides within our being in this moment, in every moment. I used to be someone who chased outside of me for a sense of purpose, often feeling lost and confused (which happens to be very much related to my Life’s Work Gene key). There was a specific time in my life I felt like I was headed in the right direction, experiencing so many synchronicities and blessings, seemingly headed to do something great, until one day everything came crashing down around me, and my sense of purpose and self-worth fell away with it. I had attached my purpose and worth to those outside accomplishments.

Now, with the support of the Gene Keys, myself and many others I rest in the knowing that regardless of what is happening in the world around us, whatever may fall away, we can still remember our purpose and sense of worth. You see, our purpose is a quality of consciousness that lies within us, not outside of us, and the more we consciously attune to it, the more we will see it arise in situations all around us. We can attune to it in every action, in connecting with a friend or lover, in writing a blog, walking a pet, trips to the grocery store etc. Maybe you will accomplish something large, this is simply a reminder that our greatness lies in the small acts we do each and every day with purpose and heart.

The Gene Keys is not a quick fix, it requires your commitment, self-inquiry, patience and gentleness, just as any spiritual path does. But I can assure you that if all of these foundations are in place you will notice changes each and every day. In these times of great change we are in it is not spotlighted leaders who will be our salvation, and if it appears to be its because of who they surround themselves with. It will be all of us coming together, alive in our unique gifts and offerings, that we will be able to birth a more harmonious humanity.

You are here to be someone and do something that only you can be and do, this is a system that helps us make good use of that time.


Matthew Ashdown is a Gene Key guide who has been working with the Gene Keys for the last 8 years, and guiding others over the last 3. He hosts online workshops, one-on-one sessions, and shares content through his website He has a passion for bringing the wisdom of the Gene Keys alive in communities and teams so that we can allow for the transformation of humanity into one that works in harmony with spirit, nature and others.

Shawna Maleski

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