Family Group Reading

Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit

120 minutes | $999

Maximum of 4 persons

During your time together, Shawna will connect with your loved ones and ancestors who have crossed over. All readings are conducted in three parts: first, identify the Spirit coming in. Second, provide accurate information about your loved ones' personalities and characteristics, confirming that we are indeed connected to them. Finally, interpret the messages they have for you.

In your mediumship reading, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of the loved ones we have connected with.  Knowing that your loved ones are still able to communicate with you beyond the veil may provide you with comfort and peace. 

Usually your loved ones are as eager as you are to connect, however it is important to know that Shawna cannot guarantee who comes through, or what information they provide. It is important to be open minded throughout the session.  The messages given are of the highest and greatest good as well as divinely timed for optimal healing and growth.  If you wish to speak with your loved one who has departed, chances are, they will come through loud and clear. But remember, it’s also possible that someone else may come through and have a message for you that you least expect. Sometimes, those who may have hurt you in the past stop in to apologize. 

Be open to the information during your session, enjoy the beautiful and meaningful connection from the other side and embrace the message your loved one wants you to receive. Hopefully, you receive the message you're looking for. However, at the end of your session, if the loved one you wish to speak with hasn't come through, Shawna will call upon them using their first name. If you wish to bring an object of your dearly departed, this will amplify a connection to them from the other realm.