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Mediumship Reading

Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit

60 minutes | $155

During our time together, I will connect with your loved ones and ancestors which have crossed over. All readings I conduct come in three parts: first, I will identify the Spirit coming in; second, provide you with the evidence they share to prove they're here; and, finally, provide the message they have for you, because if they've come through they have a message.

In your mediumship reading, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of loved ones who have passed away – and to affirm the abundance of love and connection, even beyond death.

I cannot guarantee who will step forward with a message. For example, if you come to see me because your mom passed away, chances are, she will come through loud and clear but it’s not certain. It’s also possible that someone else may have a message for you. Sometimes those who may have hurt you in the past stop in to apologize. 

Please keep an open mind, though, about what messages may come through when we’re together. Your loved ones may not want to answer your chosen questions for reasons you can’t know, or she or he may have a more pressing message they wish to deliver. Be open to receiving what comes. I know how some people can get “stuck”, wanting to hear a certain word they’ve asked their loved one to repeat or waiting for something else very specific and, in the process, they might miss the beautiful message your loved one wants you to receive!