Shawna Maleski, The Prairie Psychic Medium

Discover the Profound Wisdom of Shawna Maleski: Your Gateway to the Unseen!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the unseen realm with Shawna Maleski, The Prairie Psychic Medium? Her exceptional gifts, like a beacon in the night, have captured the hearts and minds of countless individuals around the world. Shawna possesses an unparalleled ability to communicate with spirits, a skill that can only be described as otherworldly and offer profound insights. Whether you seek guidance on relationships, career choices, or personal growth, Shawna's psychic abilities can illuminate your path. Embrace the opportunity to experience the extraordinary with Shawna Maleski.


1:1 Private Online 

Due to the high demand for 1:1 readings,  there is a waiting list. 

If you would like to join her notification or cancellation list, please sign up below.

1) Mediumship Reading

50 Minutes

$350 CAD

2) Mediumship and Tarot Reading

50 Minutes

$350 CAD

Family Group Reading Online

This intimate experience is ideal for family or friends seeking personal messages and guidance from the other side. 

Within this small group setting, each guest can ask questions.

This appointment is approximately 90 minutes

$999 CDN/Maximum 4 persons

Private Spiritual Mentorship 1:1 (Online)

Shawna will help you activate magic and create infinite possibilities in your life.

As your consciousness expands, life becomes a journey of ease. More solutions present themselves, attracting wealth becomes natural, and your potential for Magic grows exponentially.

Shawna will help you elevate your emotional status and raise your vibration so Miracles and Magic may become everyday. She will help you create an extraordinary life.

Psychic and Mediumship Class Level 1 (Online)

Are you ready to deepen your connection to the spiritual world? Join me on a transformative journey where you'll uncover the universe's wisdom and embrace your true essence.

Through personalized spiritual mentorship, I'll guide you to:

✨Enhancing your intuitive abilities

✨Connecting with your spirit guides

✨Healing and balancing your energy

✨Discovering your soul's purpose

Together, we'll break down barriers and unlock the limitless potential within you. Let's elevate your spiritual journey and create a life of clarity, purpose, and divine guidance. Details: The class is online; please feel free to book it by emailing me if you don't mind. It will last approximately  90 minutes and have three bimonthly sessions lasting three months. 

NEXT class starting on September 4, 2024

Price: $999.00 per person

Psychic and Mediumship Class Level 2 (Online)

Working at the intuitive and psychic levels requires direction, development, and dedication. This advanced course is designed for those who already possess a solid foundation in their psychic abilities and want to elevate their skills further.

In this course, critical areas of study include:

✨Differentiating between client-centred and spirit-centered readings

✨Effective questions to ask spirits during visits

✨Identifying and strengthening your primary psychic abilities

✨Course Structure:

This course is designed for individuals with a solid working knowledge of their gifts who seek to advance their mediumship and psychic abilities. We aim to help you gain the confidence and skills to provide profound and accurate readings. Details: The class is online, and you can book it by emailing me if you like. It will last approximately  90 minutes, with each session every bimonthly for three months. 

NEXT class starting on January 8, 2025

Price: $999.00 per person